Hey hacker

9 10 2011

hey hacker its cid, ive decided i want my things back so ill give you  5 club penguin coin codes for them back. the email that we can talk on is: bruhh_4_you@hotmail.com just comment below to let me know that you’ve seen this.


Lol, I never posted!?

26 01 2010

Hey guys. Most of you might not know me. I am Teohivan, and I forgotten about this Club Penguin blog, LOL! Cid, you might know me. My email got hacked, so that’s why I can’t talk to you. xD

Guys, I’ll be posting the latest hints now. So, be sure to stay updated.

Here’s my new email: teohkayacc@hotmail.com
be sure to add me, Ciddy.

I play on different accounts, my main isn’t Teohivan. I’ll tell you my main later, since I’m in a super rush right now. Cid, remember me? Teohkay.LOL.


A True Honest Club Penguin Cheats Advertisment!

11 01 2010

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Help Build The Amulet!

2 11 2009

Look at the dojo courtyard, its cool!


If you look in the ninja hide out catalog there is a gold smith apron.


New Free Item In Haunted House!

2 11 2009

There is a cool new item in the haunted house. Its called the silly scare crow costume.


~O Pingu

Halloween 2009 Cheats!

28 10 2009

The Halloween party is here! It is so cool! There is a scavenger hunt and lots more.

Go to the plaza and pick up your free item.


Click the Jack-o-lantern in the upper right to start the candy hunt.


For the first peice of candy go to the lodge attic and click on the the pumkin inbetween the 2 couchers in the back left corner.


The second candy is at the dock click on the pumkin with the shape of a triangle in it, then click the candy corn.


the third candy is at the pet shop. click the candles in the top left corner for the lollie pop.


The fourth candy is at the cove then click on the purple candy just showing out of the book, then click on it again.


fifth the pool and click on the big jack-o-larnter on the roof.


The sixth candy is at the Soccer Pitch and click on the candy cube in side of the lights.


for the seventh candy click on the brushy bush and  a candy apple will pop out, click on it.


for the eighthcandy go to the mine and click on the candy in the green slime in the bottom right corner.


You have found all the candies, click claim prize.


Go to the mine and click on the light in the top right to open the door to the mad scientests lab.



Click on the catalog in the bottom right or walk over to the for sale sign.


There is also a haunted house on the surface of the mine.



When your there pick a free jack/hat o lantern.


~Cid Boy 4732



8 10 2009

hi cid am the haacker remember me comment with ur new email we can talk in or a place we can chat in i will make o pingu author not admin