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4 08 2008

Rockhopper Tracker & Scavenger Hunt cheats + new stage

Hey everyone, RH is here and he has brought an awesome catalog with cheats!

If you click the steering wheel, you will find the life ring, for igloos. 

For the scavenger hunt, the first boat is at the dock under the wooden boards.

The next ship is at the  beach under the rocks.

The next piece is at the ice burg, which is the big block of ice on your map.

The next paper ship is at the bottom right of the cove.

For the next boat, visit the mine shack which is the place you go after you are done cart surfing.

Visit the coffee shop for another boat.

The next to last paper ship is at the pool in the windows.


The final boat is at the pet shop, near puffle round up!


Now that you have all the pieces, press the “Build the blue prints” button.


Now build the blue prints to look like this:

Claim your prize from Rory which is a blue prints background!

if you are having truble finding rock hopper look at my rockhopper finding guide up the to!!


New stage

at the new stage you can throw snow balls and they are red basket balls. 


the switch box is also gone like the switch box to make things do thing just click on them like the basket ball hoops,

 the red and blue signs and the score board.


penguin games, savenger hunt, red vs. blue


Much like the Beijing 2008 Olympics (which officially kicks off tomorrow), the Penguin Games will take place August 22-26. It looks like it’s gonna cover a wide variety of sports. Maybe each individual penguin might be able to compete and win a medal if he or she is the best in all of Club Penguin.


‘Rory & Rookie’ are the commentators and will be giving you the play by play each week.


When RH’s ship was still destroyed, Rockhopper made some new ship plans back on RH Island. However, he didn’t need them because we rebuilt his ship by the time he returned. So he has a great idea to use the plans to design a ship igloo!

But here’s what happened: Rory the construction penguin accidentally lost the plans when making paper boats. So TOMORROW, August 8th, we will have a scavenger hunt to find all the pieces of the plans and put them back together! Don’t worry, I will tell you guys how to do it 


Team Blue’s Rally 2 at the Stage will be arriving tomorrow as well. They will be facing off against their biggest rival: Team Red. Pick a side!

Below are the answers to the Puffle-So-Cute-O (basically a Sudoku) in the newspaper. Please read the instructions before you play it. I suggest only using the answers when you need some help. ;)

Lastly, Rockhopper is expected to dock on CP this Friday. 


There is a new feature in the parents section of club penguin

i just found out that there is a club penguin times how long you can play on club penguin , if you are in the middle of a game or anything it just says on your screen times up you can look in the community section to do some fun stuff. there is also a timer in the right hand cornner of you page.

click on the timer on the right hand corner to add more time.

until then

waddle on

cid boy 4732


I finally finished aqua level 1 in the blow  fish level

do you know how i coundn’t get past the blow fish levels, well i finally go past level 1 thats called find the main treasure now i’m up to level to in the blow fish one thats called find the rare treasure.


New Aqua Grabber Levels & Tutorial

There is a new level to aqua grabber and below are the club penguin cheats for it.

This is a full guide to the new level, and some tricks and tips to help you make it there from the first.

1. Collect the pearls among the small clams, black pearls are worth extra. 

level 1

Get the big pearl at the end by switching it with the pearl shaped rock. This is on the right side of the bottom of aqua grabber, opposite of the giant clam.

Here is where you replace it, if you don’t drop the rock in first, the clam will eat you.

You are now done with the level, in those 3 easy steps. Use the openings with no water to restore your tank from loosing.

I am still working on the impossible 2nd level, but here’s a quick guide.

  1. You must pick up the kegs of cream soda and return them to the net, this will clear the water and liven the plants.

2. Find the kegs you can get, and save the ones with plants in front of them for later.

3. Once you have enough kegs already cleared, the plants will be able to move out of the way when you get near them.


  1. Once you’ve cleared the top, go threw the area where the bubbles exit and avoid the puffer fish.
  2. Watch out for the giant one, you will have to go around it and go down into a hole to finish the level.

I can’t make it past step 5, if you do, congratulations!

New Game Sneak Peak & Penguin Band Info.

In just a few days the new level in Aqua Grabber comes out. Here is an extended picture of the last
 sneak peak
Here is a postcard I received in the mail from the band:
there are also 3 new post card the 3 post cards will chage for a speacil occasion eg a party

Rockhopper is visible though the telescope

This is the August 2008 clothing catalog and pin club penguin cheats.
You can find the pin at the night club under the dancing puffle under a speaker. Scroll your mouse over the puffle to see.

There are also two new backgrounds.

 For the catalog, click the blue shirt in the glacier suit for a jade necklace

Click the hair on the supernova suit for a red viking helmet, click it 4 times for a blue one.

Press the little button on the pink guitar for a set of mixed bracelets.
Click the two bottom blue circles on the sarong (right before the clearance starts) for the divers helmet.
The final cheat is the top left piece of the purple shield in clearance which can be clicked for a woodsman hat
 Let’s start with all the upcoming Club Penguin events.
First off, the Band is on break again. Which means if you’re a member, you can get go Backstage for a free autographed background! Here’s how to get Backstage and how to meet the Band.

Next, we finally know what game the level update is gonna be on. Aqua Grabber! On August 5th, the vessel will be grabbing many valuable gems other than pearls and venturing far deeper under the surface to face many new, unfriendly sea creatures. New divers are also needed to clean up an accidental cream soda spill

 Team Blue’s Rally will be back at the Stage on August 8th. This time, they’ll be facing Team Red!

The ‘Best Ways to Earn Coins’ Tip in the newspaper is by Happy77, who was/is a CP Mod. He says Puffle Round-Up is the best money maker. I don’t think that’s true though

Finally, here are the answers to G’s Word Search in the newspaper. All the words are inventions of Gary’s.


The Clothing Catalog comes out this Friday. Here’s a sneak peek. It looks like a rubber-band bracelet, and checkered shoes/shirts/flags/cars for a Racing theme

the new game will be updated sometime after the party.

also due requests, the music jam party will be extended until the

5th of august.



Club penguin music jam party changes again.

Sorry this picture is blury computer problems!! filed under club penguin cheats- cid boy 4732 @ 3:00 pm



Club Penguin Music Jam Party Changes

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The first major change would be that the Stage at the Dock is now Pink. According to the newspaper,it will change every day.

the post below this one.


Music Jam ‘08 Free Items and Secrets!

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The Music Jam T-Shirt is located at the Plaza

The original Maracas, given out in 2007, are located in the Cove.


There’s a new room, but you must be a member to be able to go into it. Go to the Snow Forts, buy a Backstage Pass from the Booth.

Then go to the Dock and click the ‘V.I.P. Only’ sign and you will enter the room.

You can walk to the ‘Instruments 4 Sale’ box to view the Music Catalog.

Music Catalog Secrets

There is a cheat/secret in the Music Catalog, click the ‘i’ in “Music Catalog” for Red Electric Guitar

Lastly, the new DJ Game, DJ3K, is available at the Night Club. The point of the game is to be a DJ and create a song with lots of effects using all the buttons, tapes, knobs, etc. The longer you DJ there and the better the song, the more coins you get when you exit (To exit, click the X at the upper right). For more help on this game, go here. Billybob has said this game will be PERMANENT. And it doesn’t seem to provide a ‘play your song in your igloo’ feature like we predicted.

And don’t forget to check out every room (especially the Dojo), they’re all decorated based on different music genres! And you can use the Applause button on any good bands that you see!

There is also a SNOWCAT (Check the ‘History of CP’ Page if you’re confused) in the Pizza Parlor!

 The green puffle, Keeper, has also returned to the Night Club. And here’s just some info on the party: At the Dojo, if you step onto the colored tile (when no one’s on it yet, it’ll light up and start playing the big instrument behind the tile). At the Lighthouses’s stage, if no one is on it, it stops and goes dark.Having trouble playing DJ3K? Check



New Level Sneak Peek for Old CP Game!

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Here’s a sneak peek at a new level addition to one of our existing games on CP, which will be updated in a couple weeks. It does NOT have to do with the new game coming tomorrow. It looks like a green puffle holding its breath. According to the newspaper, I believe it’ll be Aqua Grabber.

CP Upcoming News






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