new pin, sports catalog and new igloo upgrades

15 08 2008

the new pin is located in the stage, the new pin is a dodge ball.


Here are the August Igloo Catalog Secrets

Click the Crow Bar for the Secret Stone Igloo

On page 16, Click the door of the Deluxe Stone Igloo for the Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo

the new igloo upgrade are really cool there is a ship thats new  and a gym.

Let’s stop by the Sport shop and check out the clothing catalog.

Click on the blue pom pom after the sport items pages for the orange football helmet.

For the ones that can’t find the silver surfboard, go to the surfing page and click on the penguin holding the flame board so that it turns into a flower board. Now click the two shells on the page like this:

There is one new background for nonmembers in the Sports Catalog.

waddle on

cid boy 4732




One response

3 09 2008

ok i will use this if i win a membership contest

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