sports party sneek peak and new news paper news

21 08 2008

this is a sneek peak of the sports party on friday the 22nd of august.

it looks like the mullet and mouse in the ski lodge they are dressed up in blue and red face marsks.

now for the new news paper

Click start and rory and rookie will tell you all about the penguin games.

in the new news paper it told us some old events in club penguin even the beta test

These are some old club penguin events

in the town center the was a beta hat test in 2005 november when club penguin first started.

then came puffles in march 2008.

a few months after the beta hat test came a new room the boring old boiler room.

then came trusty old gary the gadget guy and nice old aunt arctic that writes for penguin times in may 2006.

now there are the events in club penguin

august the 28 150 issue that means there might be a few balloons in the boiler room

august 29 new pin coming out and new furniture catalog

september 5 new clothing catalog and new wig catalog.




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3 09 2008

hey good guess

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