club penguin games

22 08 2008

It’s finally here! Show your skills in a series of tournaments and tasks and earn the items that come along.

It all starts with your special guide, the olympic medal in the top right of your screen.

First, visit the ski village to start the marathon. REMEMBER: always stop at the lights so Gary will know you completed the race.

The lights are very hard to find, so here’s a full guide.

Ski Village:

The beach:



Snow forts:




The next race is the Three Lap Race at the Iceberg. It is the same idea: you have to hit all the lights. Sometimes the lights might not work very well, but they do work. Remember, you have to around the track THREE TIMES.


The last race is the Freestyle Swim at the Underground Pool. You must swim FIVE lengths of the Pool. Make sure you make the 2 lights go off EACH time you hit the end of the Pool.


once you have done all that you should get a gold medal.

if you wave your curser over the wood will go into the fire and the fire will go up

there is also a ice rink and a soccer feild. unfortunly the soccer field is only for members.

soccer pitch and ice rink

Soccer pitch:

normal ice rink:

once you have seen and done every thing check out these free items.

one of the free items are blue face paint. located in the pizza parlor.

next and last free item red face paint. located in the coffee shop.

waddle on

cid boy 4732




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3 09 2008

this probably helped tons of ppl

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