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28 08 2008

if you click on “click to start” rory and rookie will tell you all about what happend  in the penguin games. by the way the soccer pitch is permenant.

 150th issue but sadly there is NO speacil small partie.

now to the next page, the next page is another waddle down penguin lane if you want to see some more old stuff other then the writing wave your mouse over the pictutes and it will tell you an old memorie.

this section just tells you some tips on how to be a penguin artist.

this section just tells you what this penguin likes to write to aunt arctic.

this is all the events in club penguin.

(click to enlarge)

gizmo a really famous penguin quit being a moderator!!!

Today’s topic: Gizmo Quits Read all about it here.




2 responses

2 09 2008

tnxz for posting it up now i can see it whenever i want

3 09 2008

my comment for the hunt

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