Furniture Catalog Cheats & Pin Location

29 08 2008

These are the August 28, 2008 furniture and pin cheats. View all the secrets in the catalog below.

 The pin is in the boiler room, it is an awesome golden 150th issue pin!

Now, for the igloo catalog. I think this one was really cool! Did you?

Press the lava lamp for a blender

Click on the piano for an ultra cool guitar stand.

Also, there was a typo in the newspaper this week on page B2! The history states a “stowed” penguin not a “stole”. I guess everyone makes mistakes.

Here is a picture




5 responses

30 08 2008

its cid boy here this is just a reminder to look at the contests and competions page theres a free membership up for grabs.

30 08 2008

great cheaTS!!!!

31 08 2008

nice find in the newspaper

3 09 2008

my comment for the hunt

4 09 2008
mustang 76

my comment for the hunt

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