new stage and 2 new pins!!

12 09 2008

there are 2 new pins one of is located at the dock and the other one is located at the stage.

now the stage it hasn’t got a switch box but u can click things to make things do things if that makes sence. there is also one new background and the clothes are narly.

Click the things in the following order: File Cabinet, Trashcan, Book, Vase, Painting

now click on the safe behind the painting

this is the front cover of the clothing catalog.

there are also a few secrets in the catalog

Theres also a secret background to get it pull down the writing on the very back page oh and pull it down.

this is the new background.

waddle on

~cid boy 4732~





5 responses

12 09 2008

im trying so hard to find that ruby pin!!

12 09 2008

ill help u find the ruby pin ill tell u how if i find it first

12 09 2008

thats a cool background!

12 09 2008

i like the new hair its like marilyn munroe

13 09 2008

cool if i use abdulla 6 i turn into marilin monroe

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