Furniture Catalog Secrets

19 09 2008

Here are the secrets to the Furniture Catalog (located in your igloo)

Click the Wall Chalkboard for the Chalkboard


Click the flames of the Pizza Oven to make them move. Then click them again for the Stainless Steel Fridge

Click the Green Note for the Guitar Stand


Click the Umbrella on the Table for the Blender


Arr! Today’s Talk like a Pirate Day.

and dont forget to check out the new ruby and the ruby postcard

srry i didnt post the new news paper i was busy




4 responses

19 09 2008

pretty cool sneak peeks i really wanna do my css today but i cant.

19 09 2008

cool sneaks arggggh

20 09 2008

opps not sneak peeks i mean secrets 🙂

20 09 2008

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