Club Penguin Mission 9 Spoiler

23 09 2008

Talk about 2 sticky penguins. These 2 penguins seem to be in one sticky situation. I wonder what happened? It seems to me that goo may of been splashed all around Club Penguin, causing a sticky hazard to the land of Club Penguin. What do you think happened?

I edited the picture to make the penguins have green goo sticking to them. credit to chewy.

I also predict that this could be caused from sticky bubble gum. credit to chewy.

~cid boy 4732~




5 responses

23 09 2008

COOL sneak peek hay?!?!

23 09 2008

i say that the puffles where chewing gum and the gum made a big bubble and when it popped they got stuck together

23 09 2008

i think the same as red

23 09 2008

cool ideas guys!!!!!!!!!!!!

24 09 2008

cool sneak peek it rox i cant wait until the new mission

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