new newspaper and a message from G!

9 10 2008

ok the new newspaper first

Heres the official date for the Halloween party!

And cp finily reveals something about ninjas!

click to enlarge

And here’s the events!

click to enlarge

club penguin might be making a treasure hunt card!

Gary has sent a postcard to all agents with a secret message on it!

here it is:

this is what it says:

click to enlarge





7 responses

10 10 2008
brad 30

i cant wait until the anerversery party!

10 10 2008

same i cant wait, also i cant belevie aunt artic said something about ninjas

10 10 2008

cool a igloo contest but i never win

10 10 2008

i got the letter from g, i think this halloween is going to better then ever

10 10 2008
brad 30

well of course it is they brought back the black mask, hopfully they bring back the beta hat in the anerversy.

10 10 2008

wow the anerversery and halloween in the october month, october is pretty packed and its my birthday in october

10 10 2008
toy world 33

i dont visit here often even though im a contributer to this site i dont really know y i dont visit here often.

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