new stage and new pin

10 10 2008

here is the new club penguin pin cheat. (located in the sports shop)

club penguin has fixed the undenfined glitch.

ok this is the return of the planet stage. but instead of it being called planet x its called planet y. And it has changed a little.

this is what the front cover of the costume catalog looks like.

there is also a new background.

WOOT rockhopper is visible through the telescope!





10 responses

10 10 2008

i think you were the first person to post keep it up!!

10 10 2008

the planet y theme is so coooooooooool!!!!

10 10 2008
brad 30

omg rockhopper im having a party tonight

10 10 2008

lol undefined

10 10 2008

i would of thought that the pin would of been hidden in the mine.

10 10 2008

i like the new image header u did the halloween theme

10 10 2008
[Mr] Funguin

get blog i might put u on my blogroll

10 10 2008
[Mr] Funguin

i ment to say great blog not get blog srry

10 10 2008

cool, more people

10 10 2008

lol i saw the undefind thing its a ufm unidentified found microscope

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