I’ve made chatbox’s! And Portuguese Servers! Also rockhopper!

14 10 2008

 Hi everyone!

This is O Pingu back from holiday in China!

I’m going to make Cid and I chatbox’s, so you can talk to us when we’re online!

Happy talking!

~O Pingu~

this is cid posting now just to say there are portuguese severs.

You can now read, and used Club Penguin in two languages: English, and Portuguese. To change the language of the online game, look for this tool at the top of the screen.

If your not on the play Club Penguin page, then you should see this tool.

Select your preferred language and then it will change to that language.

If your using English, it’s what we normally see. The Portuguese language is very different. The grammer, and spelling is very odd to us. Everything we read and see will be in Portuguese. Here are a few of the Portuguese servers.

Mostly Portuguese players will be using this language of Club Penguin, but it is open to everyone. It’s really cool to see everyone typing in Portuguese, and if you don’t know Portuguese, you can choose a word from the word selection list.

On the Portuguese servers, our names show up as Penguin ID. I think this is not intended to happen, and it’s only a glitch. cid boy 4732’s penguin id is Penguin38220526.

now for rockhopper. rockhoppers ship has gotten closer and he should be arriving tomorrow!




7 responses

14 10 2008

cool site, ur header is cool!

15 10 2008

yay rockhopper is coming!

15 10 2008
brad 30

its a pitty i no nothing about portuguese.

15 10 2008

chat boxes, now i can talk to u when ever i want.

15 10 2008

i cant wait till i get all rockhoppers rare items!

15 10 2008

i took a 3 day porteguese class in the summer(lame)so i know what they are saying

16 10 2008

cool site, ill visit here every day!

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