rockhopper is here and there is a new furniture

17 10 2008

rockhopper is back in club penguin.i must find him.he has a new the eye patch, but its not new.

dont forget to look at the captians head quarters.

here is what the message board says. rockhopper will be shooting of the snow cannon.

here are the new furniture item cheats.

this first cheat is just for joy!

click the books for the chalkboard.

to find the steel fridge click the pizza oven 2 times.

click the guitar stand to get the music stand.

theres also a new igloo catalog.

also there are 3 new musics.

this is major big! club penguin is having a really big party in times square in new york city! woot! on october the 24th at 3:00 pm eastern time. wow!

look at the party hats i think they are going to be the party hats on october the 24th.





7 responses

17 10 2008

that is such a cool party hat!!!!!!!!

17 10 2008

cool party hat i zoomed in and it looks like rainbow. also great finds!

17 10 2008
brad 30

rock hoppers items r cool!

18 10 2008

dont forget the new igloo catalog and the new music!

18 10 2008

out of the music i like the halloween dance the best!

18 10 2008

the new black carpet is my type!

18 10 2008

Your on my blogroll. Since it took so long I will keep you on there longer. Sorry for the wait & inconvinence.


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