im going on vacation and competion finishes early

23 10 2008

im going on hoilday in bendigo and ballerat. Also i will be able to post the aniversery but not and sneak peeks after i leave, halloween party, and the new newspaper and anything else i missed. but i will post them as soon as i get back. Also while im on holiday it will be my birthday so try and get 10,000 hits.

also i will be having another competion as soon as i get back but there might only be first place because i have heeps of passwords.

p.s i will put some holiday pictures on to!




8 responses

23 10 2008

ill miss u guys while im gone!

23 10 2008

Yea, your off my blogroll. I’ve had you on my blogroll long enough.

Why are you so sarcastic with your comments. “Oh, i’m off your blogroll now”.

Yea. Your off. Obviously. If you were getting me hits, like i was getting you hits. Then, I would of kept you on. But i get like 2 hits from you. So, I took you off. 🙂


CID BOY 4732: well u could atleast say bye.

23 10 2008
Shimbo37's Cheats

Hey Cid

When is the contest going to finish
You said it would finish early
What will the date be?


23 10 2008
Shimbo37's Cheats

Hey Cid Boy 4732

Can you please change the password to the penguin I won
He has got banned again
If a peng gets banned more than 20 times it is banned forever
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE change his password
I am begging you


23 10 2008

yea, chetlu671 u could atleast say bye oh by the way BYE Cid have a nice hoilday!!!
p.s no one go to chetlu’s site only if u wanna be mean to him!

23 10 2008

ok, bye/ when will the contest end

24 10 2008

Whatever dude.

This is why I don’t let ungrateful people like you on my blogroll. Once I take you off, you just go all crazy.

And, You know I’m gonna get 50,000 hits before you. 🙂

24 10 2008

I almost have 25,000 hits, you don’t even have, 10,000

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