treasure book cheat!

27 10 2008

 Well I have great news. In the Treasure book I found a really cool hidden item. They have hidden the Winged Viking Helmet. If you dont know that is one of Rockhoppers old items. Here is how to get it. 

First go to this page.

Then click the window of the very left building.

Once you have clicked the window of the building, this picture should pop-up.

Now, if you have a code (you can get one from a CP toy) you can receive this awesome item.

thanks shimbo37




5 responses

27 10 2008
brad 30

cool i never new that.

27 10 2008

awsom i really want that hat because i missed out when rockhopper was giving it out.

27 10 2008

i never would of guessed there would be a secret in the treasure book.

28 10 2008

Thats really funny
You copied it word to word
lol 🙂
Also, whoever is reading this
Please look at my site


31 10 2008

was that ok?

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