gary the gadget guy is on club penguin

31 10 2008

Gary the Gadget guy has been spotted on Club Penguin, inside of the lab. Here is how to get inside of the lab.

  1. Go to the Book Room. (Located upstairs of the Coffee Shop.)
  2. Click on the candle, and it’ll open up a secret door.
  3. Walk through the door, and it will load the Lab.

Gary the Gadget guy’s player card looks like this

If you find Gary, you can receive a Gary Background from him.

This is what Gary’s Background looks like.

Below are the points that might help you find gary.

  • Gary goes on the secret lab only, which is under the book room
  • Gary goes on servers that have a few people on
  • Sometimes he might be on full servers
  • Mainly he goes on servers that are in the 2nd page

Good luck finding Gary, provide credits if you copy any of my material in this post.

credit to chewy and mohd22




15 responses

1 11 2008

cheese3000 LOL

1 11 2008

i havnt met him yet

1 11 2008


1 11 2008

i want to meet him!

1 11 2008

thAT is so COOL

Shyshy6510’s 15,000 Hit Party!

When:Sunday , November 2nd
Where:My igloo
Server:Deep Freeze
Time:3:45 p.m. PST
Why? : Duh’ I got 15,000 hits!

Hope All Can Make It!

=-) shyshy6510 =-)

2 11 2008

great post!

2 11 2008

awww man members only

2 11 2008

srry that was me red not samual i swear it was me by accident cause i was editing samuals site i forgot to log out you can ask him btw watex is back

CID BOY 4732: so were you the one who deleted samuls blog?

2 11 2008

You don’t have me on your blogroll! I said you have to add me to your blogroll before I add you to mine! YOU HAVE BEEN BLOCKED FROM MY SITE!

CID BOY 4732: what?!?!

2 11 2008

2 11 2008

i did not delete samuals blog his penguin was hacked and banned forever and his mom told him to delete his blog but he still posts on i even had a welcome back party for him but nobody came

2 11 2008

why is it that when something bad happens u ask me if i did it?

CID BOY 4732: like what? also u do work on samuals blog so i was just asuming, srry.

3 11 2008

you really should try the rlated links. they bring you to some interesting stuff.

4 11 2008

its ok cid i forgive you it happens to me all the time

4 11 2008
cp fan

That is a total fake there is no secret door bc i just check and nothing happened.

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