My holiday pics

31 10 2008

  A few of you have been asking when i am going to show you some of my holiday pics well here they are.

This is a GIANT windmill

This is just a picture of a lake.


This is a really intresting picture because see this man he raised this major mitchell when it was only 2 days old and as soon as it opended its eyes it saw him and it goes where ever he goes. One day a hawk grabbed hold of it and tore off its leg a hurt its wings so now it cant fly. Also he tought it to do heaps of tricks so when he puts his hand up at the bird shaped as a shot gun it puts its head back, it is so funny! Also it swings off his arm like in the picture there are lots more tricks it can do!

i was on a paddle steamer boat when i took this picture of the wharf.

this is a notic board at the little village at ballarat if you dont no what i mean by little village well i mean the village way back in 1850 when the gold rushes were you may be learning about it at school the villages name is sovereign hill.


this is a old mine shaft.

this is also a old mine shaft but alot bigger and better!


these are some troppers (police/cops) from the olden days and some normal gold miners.


if you dont no what this picture is of well im down a mine shaft. (under ground)


this is gold smelting. In the red jar.

this is the gold smelting finished you can just see the block of gold he is holding

this i a bit clearer of the block of gold he is holding


now this is a really clear picture of the gold!




13 responses

31 10 2008

i have always wanted to go in a mine shaft

31 10 2008

so did u have a nice holiday

31 10 2008

i wish i had that much gold it would be worth a fortune

31 10 2008
brad 30


31 10 2008

thats one big mine shaft!

31 10 2008
Mr Funguin

thats one smart parrot!!

31 10 2008

i cant belive those mine shafts are still standing

31 10 2008

that bird is so funny!

1 11 2008

sorry i havnt been visiting in a while because i havnt had acsse to a computer.

1 11 2008
mustang 76

i no where he went to, Ballarat,Bendigo and
Echuca cus i went with cid

1 11 2008
mustang 76

it was fun wasen’t it cid

1 11 2008
mustang 76

the mine was fun and scary

2 11 2008

ill buy that gold for five bucks and some lint anyone else want to place a higher price

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