ninja spotted durning club penguin dojo construction!

4 11 2008

here is some more evidence of a ninja!

theres alot more places where that ninja is but i only recorded there.


so theres your proof

this is a picture with the writing on it. update: that might be where (the door way) all the ninjas before went to train  so hes going to bring ninjas back after all this time and he wants us to help him dig to it.


i have also got some more proof, look hes gray


There is a sign about those ninjas.


if you do copy anything here please say it was done by me and a little link to my site.




7 responses

4 11 2008
brad 30

Wicked Cool

4 11 2008

cool a moving picture

4 11 2008

i really think cp is going to bring back ninjas!

4 11 2008

obivisly they are going to bring back ninjas

4 11 2008

hey cid guess what you have more hits than watex!!!!! no joke if u visit his new website u have more hits

CID BOY 4732: whats watexs new site?

4 11 2008

listen up guys go to google and search cidboycpcheats and this website will come up ur on the google search engine cid

CID BOY 4732: thanx red for finding that out but its sad im not under club penguin cheats.

4 11 2008

thats alot of proof!

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